When to start litter box training kittens

It’s a must to know when to start litter box training kittens. Picking up the right time will make things easier on the later. Check out.

Elimination is the natural instinct of cats in which they bury their waste in sand or soil. As infants, cats take a bowel with the help of their mother’s stimulation or from their fosterers.


t about 3 to 4 weeks, kittens know how to eliminate their waste learning from their mom. But what about orphan kits? When to start litter box training kittens?

When to start litter box training kittens?

It is the perfect time to get your kitty used to the litter tray when he is 3 to 4 weeks. Or, you may begin the training when the cat starts to perceive the world and roam around their nest.

Though little, 3-week cats can detect their scent, and natural instinct tells them to cover their waste. You should learn to help the little meowy buddies to use the little box at the very beginning. It may take a little time, but once the training is passed, you will never have to worry about your expensive carpet get wet.

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