What is the Best Food for Persian Cats Experts Prefer?

Persian cats are famous for their long and silky furry coat. Not only that, their bright eyes will make your heart race, and the regal demeanor adds to their appearance a mesmerizing beauty.

Nutrition is one of the most common concerns for many Persian cat owners as this breed needs a specialized diet. That said, the best food for Persian cats should contain elements helps these furry whiskers to build a health shield against progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), among other minor health concerns.

Also, keeping a royalty looking coat is of the top care as these cats shed and groom their long thick fur gown a lot. 

Overview about Persian cats

Persian cats have their origin depicted in hieroglyphics as early as 1684 B.C that said they were brought to Europe from Persia. On this western land, the cats won the heart of Queen Victoria and become a royal breed throughout history.

These felines made their first debut in America in early 19th century and have been receiving more preferences in public. Persian cats are kings and queens to every home they accommodate.

Raising a Persian cat is nothing like keeping a tabby cat. The breed requires tons of care as they are prone to a few uncommon diseases related to skin and coat. Their low-energy tendency could be a plus and minus at the same time as it gets the cat a well-behaved manner but exposes them to many illnesses due to being inactive.

According to VetStreet.com,

“The Persian needs regular baths to stay clean and sweet-smelling. Introduce these longhaired cats or kittens to bathing as soon as you bring him home so he will hopefully learn to accept it readily. Blow the coat dry (using the lowest heat setting to avoid burning the cat), combing as you go.”

So, what would experts choose to nourish a balanced diet for Persian cats?    

The best food for Persian cats – Editor’s picks

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

best food for Persian cats

Major features:

·      Hairball control: containing zero grain helps eliminate hairballs

·      Real meat formulated: only real chicken meat is used to maintain a lean body for the cats

·      LifeSource Bits formula: packs of the most elite nutrients to support Persian cats’ immune system as well as life stage requirement.

More and more Persian cat owners love Blue Buffalo Wilderness for many reasons. The brand is well-known for the Lifesource Bits technology applies a precise blend of valuable nutrients formulated by holistic veterinarians.

Coming through many judgments from real users, the food exposes to be the best choice among its competitors. Thanks for the recipe inspired by diets for lynx, the food focuses on taking care of Persian’s coat and supplies energy for such a restful breed.


·      Come from a senior brand of pet food

·      Use only natural food

·      Contain zero gluten

·      Fit cat’s taste

·      Have good sized kibbles


·      Your cat’s poop may stink

Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Natural Kitten Dry Cat Food


Major features:

·      High-quality nutrients: makes use of real chicken meat as the first ingredient for the optimal nutritional value

·      Everything kittens need: contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals support proper growth of young cats

·      Natural ingredients: no use of preservatives and artificial flavors. No presence of allergenic food

Blue Buffalo not only cares for mature cats, but kittens are also in their priority. As Persian kittens on their first growing stage demand a great content of the high-quality diet.

This pack loads with premium animal protein crafted for the growth of Persian puss. It contains DHA, ARA, and choline that are good for a healthy cognitive and retinal development. Designed for kinetic young cats, the food guarantees enough energy supply for growth and play.

The Lifesource Bits formula adds more nutrient values come from the precise selection of professional animal nutritionists. It contains no by-products as well as artificial flavors, making it the right choice for your Persian little fur baby.

Blue Buffalo dry food for Persian kittens helps build little cat’s health and create a robust immune fence to protect your baby Persian from day one.


·      Well-designed for Persian kittens

·      Rich in wholesome ingredients

·      Suitable for older cats

·      Easily digestible


·      A bit hard to chew for little kittens

Taste of The Wild Grain Free Dry food

best food for Persian cats

Major features:

·      Made in the USA: the family-owned company knows what is best for the cat breed

·      Packed with superfoods form vegetables: rich in hard-working antioxidants. Ingredients from around the world

·      Designed to boast skin and coat: picked nutrients especially good in control hairballs while keeping the fur glossy for Persian puss

Inspired by diets of wild felines, this brand has its name for supplying meals that mimic what cats eat in nature. That said, the typical food is high in protein for lean and strong muscles.

Taste of the wild makes use of sustainable food sources with no use of grain, corn, and fillers.

Proprietary probiotics are also supplied at a guaranteed level to ensure the ability to fight the GI tract in cats. The food is easily digestible yet tasty to even the pickiest kitten.


·      Use a variety of food sources

·      High in crude protein

·      Made to fit any Persian cat’s preference


  • Contain pea protein

Purina Beyond Simply Natural, Adult Dry Cat Food

best food for Persian cats

Major features:

·      Quality ingredients: only use real poultry or fish as the first ingredient

·      No allergens found: there is no wheat, corn, soy, and by-product meal to cause stomachache, boating, and infection in cats

·      Nutritional recipes: the food is free of grain to approach optimal well-being while nourishing an inside health shield

White meat from chicken is not only off the list of allergen food for pets, but it also packs a whole lot of quality protein for felines to stay in their best shape. Purina is one of the top brands formulating superior standard packed food that take care of your cat’s health entirely.

Moreover, this simply food bag also contains whole oatmeal recipe with ingredients collected from nutrient-rich soil.


·      Available in chicken or meat fish

·      Variable in pack sizes

·      Reasonable price tag


·      Price may go up

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition for Persian cats

best food for Persian cats

Major features:

·      Formula from Persian cat experts: people who understand Persian breed all gather to develop the fittest recipe for the long-haired feline breed

·      Designed exclusively for long-haired cats: provide sufficient elements for the coat and maintain its gloss while containing fibers stimulate intestinal transit and limit hairball formation

·      Correct kibble shape for Persian cats: the cats no longer have to abandon their meals due to hard-to-chew kibbles. Royal Canin has reshaped for Persian cats to have their bowl empty all along

Needless to discuss the quality of food come from this French brand. The Persian recipe is specially made for the sake of this particular breed.

Royal Canin for Persian cats complies of proteins and fat from chicken to support the growth of the cat while promoting skin health as well as boasting Persian cat’s long hair with added prebiotics.

The food yet provides a medium quantity of calories preventing your furry whiskers from obesity. While many cat food bags produce round kibbles that create a heck of difficulty for Persian kitties with small mouths to chew, Royal Canin makes the pieces in almond shape suitable for the shortened jaw of such breed.


·      Precise nutrition for Persian cats

·      Support healthy digestion

·      Reshaped kibbles for easy crunching


·      Contain by-product meals

·      Not suitable for allergic cats

How to buy the best dry food for Persian cats

Shopping food for your Persian queen, there is a few notices to writing down because the breed is born to be special and in need of particular care.

Low-calorie food

Persian kitties are sedentary cat despite their feline attributes. They pretty much enjoy perching on your couch, leaving some hair, and sleeping two third of the day.

Another very reasonable point for their inactiveness is the pushed-in nose that causes difficulty in breathing pretty much related to their unnecessary exercise session. That said, excessive calories will put in the weight resulting in obesity affecting your fluffy puss.

Fiberful and prebiotics-rich food

The shiny coat is a regal sign but also a concern to many Persian cat owners. Like most cat breeds, Persian fluff balls shed; only a lot more, may be considered worse. So, food that contains hairball control elements is one solution.

Fiber and prebiotics play a key role in reducing hair loss and cut down the formation of hairballs in Persian cats.

Kibble shape

Due to the flat head and relatively small mouth, Persian cats take into account their potential issues surrounding eating. Many report larger pieces won’t fit their jaws may cause dental problems. Thus, you should pay attention to choosing small kibbles or ones with shapes designed for Persian breed.

Editor’s choice

After all, our picky editor was in love with the pick from Blue Buffalo Wilderness. The food has received tons of compliments from real users as well as those with expertise in breeding Persian cats.

Furthermore, the food bag packs of pure ingredients made to be good for long-coated cats while protecting their health to prolong a pleasant and happy life of such a breed. No doubt this is the best choice for any Persian cat parent.

Get your Purrsian their fittest and tastiest meals

Hope you’ve got what you’re looking for to give your Persian purr-queen the best nutritional balanced diet.

Keep in mind to keep your cat hydrated all the time with fresh water. Humid also plays a vital role in supporting their digestive system and keeping the long hair shiny.

If you have any question regarding the best food for Persian cats, don’t hesitate to leave a comment right below. It is our pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for reading.




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