What are the best cat litter alternatives? 2020

By Steven/ Petcat team.

What are the best cat litter alternatives?

You might be a cat owner on the look out to find good cat litter alternatives.

The traditional cat litter is also known for the bad care products for your pet. The alternative to cat litters in the past was expensive as well as ineffective because people had little choice even if the product is against eco-friendly principles.

Now a day, the situation is different because of the different brands available in the market. These brands are 100% quality-based and eco-friendly. In the market, it is very difficult to check which brand and alternative are best for your pet.

1st) Paper litter: 

Paper litter is one of the most renowned and ordinary litter of our overview. Organisations  usually  make paper litter from reused materials. Paper litter is an ideal cat litter for those cats that may stood up to clinical strategy since it will never debase lines.

Pellets generate no dust that is one of the plus points for those cats that are suffering from the urinary tract, eye or respiratory infections. Paper litter offers zero-dust features that give you no tracking.

Keep in mind that many cats may need to get properly acclimated with the pellets. So, gives them.

One drawback of paper litter is that it doesn’t clump that it makes difficult to clean it. It also gives a strong odor due to its inability to clump. Paper litter is not flushable. So, it is important to check the product features and the way to dispose of litter after use.


  • Manufacture from material that can easily be recycled.
  • It produces no dust
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for cats having surgery issues


  • Non-flushable type cat litter
  • Takes more time by the cat to become familiar with pellets
  • Change frequently to avoid odor

The Best Amazon Paper Litter product

Purina Yesterday’s clean scent paper litter is the best amazon product for your pet. It comes in 26.5 lbs. and delivers the best odor control feature. The product is well-formulated to offers amazing scent. It is specially designed for minimum tracking without small particles

2nd) Wheat litter

Wheat litter is another best cat litter alternative. This cat litter is made from secondary wheat that is well-known as grain. The secondary wheat cannot be used as good-quality food. It creates perfect mass just like clay litter when the wheat clumps very well.

The granules look similar to the traditional clay litter. The litter is not too fine and coarse so, that’s why it is the perfect cat litter for the picky cats.

For some pet owners, it is difficult to clean litter. If clumps are weaker, then clusters will be soft. It eliminates all kinds of unpleasant odor and soft masses. When wheat litter is used as granules then there is an occurrence f dust and tracking. Daily sweep and vacuum help to eliminate wheat particles from the house. The wheat litter can flushable but properly follow the instruction given on the bag to avoid any issue. It is a biodegradable litter that is ideal for the individual looking for eco-friendly and budgeted-option.




  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable option
  • Some products of wheat litters can flushable
  • Manufactured from secondary wheat
  • Perfect for pickiest cats


  • Litter may stick to bottom and sides of the box
  • Generates tracking and dust
  • Variance in clumping consistency

(Wheat litter)

sWheat scoop natural clumping is the wheat litter for cats that is 100% wheat-based. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. The product can easily neutralize odors naturally as well as a renewable resource. It gives fast clumping and perfect for easy scooping.

3rd) Wood shavings

Wood shaving is one of the eco-friendly and non-toxic cat litter of our list. Thee litter is made from natural products that will never compromise the health of your cats. Many cat litters contain a sufficient amount of silica dust that create respiratory issues. Similarly, there are some chemical fragrances in different cat litter brand that can be toxic to your cats. Wood shaving is best when you are doing some woodwork at home. Just take unused wood pallet boards and then run it through a planer. You will get wood shavings litter for the cat. When your cat uses it, it gets messy and you can also sweep off cat mess. Simply dump the mess in the garden.

Before use, keep in mind what type of wood has been used in cat litter. Aspen is one of the best wood stamps that is safe for your pet.


  • The litter is a free and good absorbent
  • The product is free and gives odorless clumping
  • It never gets stuck with the cat’s paws


  • Some woods are very toxic to your cats

Kaytee wood pellets for pets (Amazon product)

Wood pellets for pets by Kaytee is the best wood shaving cat litter that is 100% natural-wood based.It is suggested feline litter for any feathered creatures just as little pets. It can without much of a stretch control scent that leaves by your pet. It never sticks and sticks with felines and makes them more joyful and cleans throughout the day.

4th) Coconut litter

Coconut cat litter is 100% made from coconut shells. The litter is free from any harmful allergens and chemicals. This option is the best hypoallergenic and at the start the formula is scent-free. The litter comes in fine structure and result in tracking soil and dust. With time it produces odor because of the particles to clump. It can easily disposable in the flower beds, compost bin, and the yard. The cat litter generates zero-waste and never contributes to the landfills.

The litter gives your cats the best and comfortable rest. If you would prefer the best odorless cat litter, then coconut will be the perfect choice for you. The litter has no smell so if your car is very sensitive to any new odors, then he/she will like this litter so much. It generally absorbs urine but doesn’t eliminate the pungent smell of ammonia.


  • Made from coconut shell
  • At the start, scent-free but produces smell over time
  • Contains no allergens and chemicals
  • Generate zero-waste
  • It doesn’t contribute to the landfills.


  • Produces odor with time
  • Easily tracks dust
  • Doesn’t clump very well

Learn More  on this product.

The coconut litter is one of the best and sustainable cat litter which contains no allergens as well as chemicals. The bag of 5-pond weight  is one of the best non-clumping litter which is free from any chemicals. The lightweight design pack is best for the environment.

5th) Chicken feed, cedar, and baking soda shavings litter

Chicken feed litter consists of corn & grains. It can be used as the best alternative to the clay-based litter. You can easily create the homemade cat litter with a mixture of baking soda, cedar shavings, and chicken feed. It is the litter option that used very rarely but will absorb both litter and waste in the best way. This mixture is the fine homemade cat litter and used as the best biodegradable.

Chicken feed, baking soda, and cedar shavings will clump fast and gives your cat an ammonia-free environment. Amazon also offers many products that contain chicken feed, cedar, and baking soda. It is the perfect way to control odor.


  • One of the expensive method
  • Biodegradable method
  • Good absorbent
  • Absorb both litter and waste


  • It can attract rodents to come inside the home

 ( Nature’s Miracle Premium cob litter)

It is the best clumping litter for control cat waste odor. The cat litter is 100% free from dust. It offers the best and fast-clumping formula that made from chicken-feed and natural cob. Use wipes of this cat litter to remove all dirt from the pet’s paws and coat.


Some other manufactured options

Many eco-friendly and effective options are available in the market as well as in your home. These options may range from pet-safe wheat or wood shavings to 100% chemical-free alternatives. Some other options are:

  • Rabbit food like compressed grass
  • Pine horse bedding
  • The mixture of water shredded paper, baking soda, and dish soap


As cats take more time to adjust with sudden change, so if you decide to experiment with different natural cat litters, then it is necessary to slowly introduce a new one. If you have a cat and want to experiment with various cat litter, then take two litter boxes. Fill one litter box with the familiar cat litter and other with the newly purchased litter. Now try to mix new one cat litter with the old one with stead increment. After someday, you feel the change that your cat made the proper adjustment with the new one. You may find different articles that offer you instructions on how to change any old newspaper, cedarwood, wheat and other alternatives to cat litter. The process is a little bit difficult but can save both your time and money. Your cat will enjoy change and become fully satisfied with it.

Hope you find this useful and let me know your experience in the comments section.

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Thank you

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