Trends in Cat Products in year 2020

While there are numerous new trends in dog toys (at least following what I saw at the Global Pet Expo), the cat world still lacks novelty. The vast majority of what I saw in Global (and this has not changed much in recent years) for cats was classified into one of three categories: throwing and bat toys (usually variations in fake mice that can be thrown), of low-cost wand toys (the kind that looks like your child won them in a playroom; you know, where do you win tickets and can exchange them for cheap toys?) and a variety of cat furniture (I like cat furniture , but these are very scarce in the elegance that it always seems to me that cat furniture must possess).
That said, there were several new “themes” that I saw emerge in this year’s show (I use the word “theme” instead of “trend” deliberately because I think these concepts are still relatively new, and I cannot say with certainty that they will realize, although I hope they do it for the love of cats!)
1) Electronics: products for newer cats (and in many cases the most interesting) did not work with humans, but with batteries. I think, for example, that self-cleaning litter boxes are here to stay. These litter boxes automatically sweep the sand every time a cat comes out, moving the waste to an insulated container until the human arrives and empties it. There are some real benefits for these litter boxes, especially for homes with several cats. The disadvantage is that there is usually only one type of litter that will work with each box, and cats can be demanding with their litter.
Electronic toys are also becoming more popular. Laser toys (where cats go absolutely crazy chasing a red dot) have existed for some time, but there are definitely some marked improvements. Several companies, for example, have laser pointers where the base is large enough to sit at a counter and all you have to do is turn a switch. The laser shines randomly around the floor and the wall, and turns off only after a certain time. This is a wonderful concept for people who have cats who like to play in strange hours (or who need to distract cats that insist on sitting on their keyboard every time they sit down to write a blog post). Fortunately, toys powered by humans and cats aren’t going anywhere. The interactive game promotes the union between cat and human, and it is also very fun. However, it is good to have options!
2) Quality cat furniture: yes, I know that I complained at the beginning of this publication about the lack of quality cat furniture. Apparently, some sellers of smaller pet products feel the same as me. Although we saw our share of cheap cat furniture, there were some really exquisite in the show. From cat trees to scratch posts, more smaller suppliers are working to offer cat trees, beds and scratch posts that are attractive to the cat and extremely pleasing to the human eye.

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