The best litter box for multiple cats

Cats are the most versatile animals on the earth that knows how to live joyfully. However, they sometimes make bonds with other cats and the members of the family. But no matter how much stronger bond they have, the cats always want some privacies and their own time, especially when they are having their time while eliminating the biological waste. If you are the one who loves owning multiple cats at one time, then you need to know some vital information to keep all them happily together.

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If you think that a single litter box will be sufficient for them, then it’s not the case, or more precisely its half and half case. Let me explain the more clearly to you. But first, let’s see what the things that are required considering while purchasing the litter box for multiple cats.

If you consider the usual self-cleaning litter boxes

If you want to buy the self-cleaning litter boxes, then you need always to remember one rule in your mind. That rule is to purchase one litter box for each cat + one extra for back up. And you can imagine how much expensive it will be to buy a litter box per cat.

Not only this, there are will several other things as well that you require considering. Some of these things are increasing the size of the litter box, depth, and much more. But this thing is completely contradicting if you have less space in your house.

To eliminate all the above problems, the manufacturers have come up with some fantastic and innovating design of the litter box that can serve multiple cats in your home. These might be a little expensive but are worth purchasing. These litter boxes for multiple cats cut down your efforts and expense as well for an extended period. Therefore, it better to invest in the best litter box for multiple cats to let your kitties live happily.


A lot of designs and types are available these days in the market. Some of the best selling varieties are:

  • Entry litter boxes
  • Large covered litter boxes
  • Automated litter boxes

These are some varieties that you can get for your cats. It depends on you that which one you will find best for your cats. But on my part to, here I have mentioned some of the best litter boxes that are suitable for multiple cats in your home. Below you will get to know about the general overview of the products and the link to the product as well. The given details will assist you in purchasing the one best for you. So, without doing any further due let’s get started with the best litter box for multiple cats.

Top 5 litter boxes for multiple cats

Being a multiple cat owner isn’t easy at all, but at least make one task more manageable by finding the best litter box for multiple cats. Here you will find 5 of the best litter boxes for your furry friends roaming around in your house.

  1. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

The cat it jumbo is a fantastic set up for the litter boxes that not only provide the depth to the litter box but also privacy to your little cat while doing its stuff. The product has a large hood that can be lifted to clean the litter box. Let’s have a look at some of its amazing features:


–    Keeps the litter fresh for days.

–    Easy cleaning

–    provides privacy to your cats

–    Can be washed with hands and you can use regular soap and water for cleaning


–    Consist of carbon-impregnated filters that help to lock the foul smell

–    Have door openings wide enough for large cats

–    Perfect for the multiple cats as well

–    Carbon filters are available for sale if required

–    Made up of durable plastic


–    the litter handling tray is fragile and easily bendable

–    Not contain any lid to stop the urine from flowing outside

To have a look at its design and other details, you can go to the link mentioned below:


  1. Modkat Flip Litter Box with Scoop and Reusable Liner

The Modkat is coming up with a list of amazing litterboxes for your cats where their main goal is to provide your cat the maximum comfort level. The Modkat Flip Litter box trims down your efforts too much extent. So let’s have a brief look at its advantages and disadvantages to get a better idea about the product.


–    set the litter box as per the preference of your kitty

–    no leakages

–    perfect for the kitties who side pee

–    Easy cleaning and scooping of the litter


–    Three in one adjustment pattern. Comes with three lid positions- fully open, half-open and completed closed one.

–    Mess-free

–    Provides a seem-less base

–    Tap liner can be reused again


–    Odors don’t get locked completely, and smell still finds its way to peek.

–    The flip cover is very uncomfortable for the large cats due to which the cats require crouching while peeing.

–    The liners don’t last for long. It gets tattered due to the scratching of the cat.

For further details you can click the link given below:



It is the best litter box for multiple cats that provides both top and the form openings to suit the large furry cats the best. The Modkat is the only manufacturing company that is granting the two opening feature in the litter box. Also, the Modkat top and front entry litter box are deep as well, which provides a spacious room for your cat to pee comfortably. Let’s see, what are the features that make it hard to beat in the title of best litter box for multiple cats.


–    No scattering of the litter

–    can be easily cleaned by merely spinning and scooping

–    Perfect for the cats of all sizes


–    Seamless base with a maximum height

–    Trap liner can be reused again

–    set the size to Xl so that large cats can also pee comfortably

–    Perfect for the use of multiple cats

–    Liners have the durability of 3 months


–    The top door doesn’t close properly

–    You may find it hard to assemble

Rest to check out the reviews of other customers who have already purchased it; you can go to the link mentioned here:


  1. Petmate 22793 retracting litter pan

If you want to buy the best litter box for multiple cats, then don’t skip checking this fantastic product here. The Petmate has something that your cat will love a lot. It is because the litter box is having a generous amount of space. It has a retractable hood which doesn’t disturb you while cleaning the litter box. Below are some other incredible features of the litter box, making it worth purchasing.


–    Very comfortable for the large cats due to its extra-large space

–    Minimize the scattering of the litter

–    Locks down the foul-smelling odors and don’t disperse the odor particles in the room

–    Ensures the flow of air making a chimney like a pattern and air flow


–    Offers a spacious room to your cats

–    Retractable Visor that will close right after scooping out the litter

–    Filtered hood for reducing the odors

–    put off the dogs to dig into


–    not very durable, made up for very cheap quality

–    Tend to break even while assembling all the  components

The given link will redirect to the product page from where you can see the product reviews by the other customers and also can check out its design.


  1. Iris Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Well, it is not the spacious and the best litter box for multiple cats that can find, but I think that you haven’t checked the prize yet. It is the best litter box that you can get at such a low price. Not only this, but it also looks cute and is having complete depth as well. It can be a good option for serving multiple cats. Here are some other impressive features of the product which compelled me to mention the product on this list.


–    prevents the dogs from digging in the litter box

–    Reduce the scattering of litter

–    easy to clean


–    Consists of a grooved lid that helps in removing the litters that get stuck to the paws of the cat.

–    Offers a smooth and comfortable entry for the large cats as well

–    Unique design

–    rounded corners so that you can clean the litter box properly


–    Not very spacious

These are few of the top best litter box for multiple cats that you can consider purchasing for your cat and give your cats a clean and hygienic litter box for every use.

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