How to teach a kitten anything? in 2020

How to teach a kitten?

Kitten is a highly independent animal and has instinctive actions available. Therefore, how to teach a kitten is an essential task for them to become obedient.

There is a fact that people started cradling kittens from 9000 years ago. But kittens are highly independent animals, so their instinctive actions always happen on a regular basis and are difficult to control. The fact that kittens were born was only half-tamed. So, how to teach a kitten?

Training kittens is not a simple thing, because the trainer needs to convince the kittens to do the necessary tasks in the short term. But by working hard to use some scientific methods, you can teach kittens to get better behaviors.

How to teach kitten?

How to teach a kitten ?


There are things that kittens need to be taught. However, the following article shows the most basic things that kittens need to know to get good behaviors like teaching kittens to use sanitary trays, teaching kittens not to bite, teaching kittens not to scratch, teaching the kittens to stay away from the kitchen counter, and teaching the kittens to obey the order. By loving kittens and reasonable methods, you can absolutely teach them nice behaviors.

Method 1: Teach kittens to use sanitary trays


Teach kittens to use sanitary trays

Step # 1: Set a sanitary tray in a quiet place

How to train a kitten to use the litter box? Currently, on the market there are many types of litter boxes, so you should choose your kitten of the right size. Kittens like to go to the toilet in private, quiet places, and there aren’t too many activities going on around. But they also do not want the toilet tray to be too far from accessible.

Step # 2: Put the kittens in the toilet tray right after a meal

Also, put them in the litter box after waking up and playing, as these are times when kittens need to go to the toilet.

The act of placing them in a tray at times when you need to go to the toilet, such as immediately after eating or just waking up, will have the effect of reminding kittens to use the tray every time they need it.

Step # 3: Clean the toilet tray

Kittens don’t like to use the dirty pellet litter box and can lead to walking around the house.

Step # 4: Use the toilet soil that your kittens love

Most kittens like soil that licks odorless. However, your pet cat may prefer another, especially when they are adopted and familiar with the type of land the previous owner provided. You can observe the cat’s reaction and adjust accordingly.

Step # 5: Reward for kittens for using a toilet tray

Praise them right after solving the sadness in the litter box. This helps to form positive habits and teach kittens that this is where they should go to the toilet.

Method 2: Teach kitten not to bite

Teach Kittens not to bite

Step # 1: Pretend to die 

If kittens are too aggressive while playing and use their teeth and claws to scratch them, you should react by immediately stopping playing, standing or sitting still, and ignoring them.

Step # 2: Respect the boundary of the kitten

They bite or scratch you may be because you touch their bodies too hard or cause them to move into a defensive position. If your kitten needs privacy, don’t bother it. In case cats don’t like to touch, don’t touch them.

Step # 3: Give your kittens the means to satisfy their hunting needs.

Kittens may not be working at full capacity or have enough agents to satisfy their hunting instincts.

You should let them play toys with bouncing points such as balls or toy mice. This helps the cat feel as if he is hunting prey.

Method 3: Teach kittens not to scratch furniture


Teach Kittens not to scratch furniture

Step # 1: Provide claws for kittens

If kittens are constantly scratching your skin or furniture, it may be because they need to grind.

You should provide your cat with a means of satisfaction, such as a sharpening pillar, to meet the demand of sharpening their nails without leading to bad behavior.

Step # 2: Use citrus or menthol

Kittens often do not like citrus smell and menthol. You can apply a little oil to the furniture that kittens are most scratching to prevent them from continuing their bad behavior in the future.

Step # 3: Use spray method

Pour cold water into the spray bottle. When kittens take action, you spray them quickly. Kittens do not like to be sprayed with water, and will soon learn how to associate this discomfort with the bite or scratching action.

Method 4: Teach kitten to stay away from the kitchen shelf


Teach kittens to stay away from the kitchen shelf

Step # 1: Clean up food

You should remove all food from the kitchen shelf, and place a cat food bowl under the floor (while they are eating) or in a water tank to prevent them from climbing up the shelf.

Step # 2: Make the kitchen shelf less attractive

One of the ways to prevent kittens from jumping on shelves is to turn into uncomfortable places for kittens.

Step # 3: Remove kittens from the kitchen

If the kittens still keep climbing the shelf every time you are cooking in the kitchen, you should keep the kitten in the bedroom or bathroom if possible. After cooking, you can drop the kitten out.

Method 5: Teach kitten to obey orders

Teach kitten for obeying the orders


Teach Kittens to obey the instructions

Step # 1: Use attractive rewards

Kittens will not be effective and will be too big a reward, making kittens less interested. You should use high-quality snacks that kittens are always hungry for, such as catmint leaves, chicken pieces, or fresh tuna.

Step # 2: Encourage kittens to participate

Before you start training kittens any new order, you should tell them that you are trying to teach your cat something.

Step # 3: Use clicker (a device that emits specific sounds to train pets).

Enjoy cat food every time you use clicker so that they link the sound to being rewarded. Then use clicker and reward whenever the kitten completes the new command, such as chasing the stick you throw away. In the end, the cat will take action every time you throw the stick and press the clicker.

Final Thoughts

It is troublesome for your kittens to act instinctively and instinctively. Therefore, teaching kittens good behavior is always necessary when feeding a kitten.

Kittens are not like dogs, they need you to respect their independence and give an interesting reason for your kitten to listen to you. Finally, we hope you can implement the above methods to get the obedient kitten.

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