How to nurse newborn kittens in an emergency

nurse newborn kittens

To nurse newborn kittens is hard work. It demands your time and attention every minute. A fallen angel kitten right in front of you and you can’t help but bring in home. But you’re a rookie in kitten care at the point you don’t know what to do first hand.

As you take the responsibility as a mother cat, there are a few basic tasks such as caring, feeding, loving and even helping with the bladder. See how to nurse newborn kittens in an emergency.

How to nurse newborn kittens in an emergency

With a sick little whisker in hand, your calmness will lead you. So, it is important to maintain stability and get the work done step by step.

Also, try not to freak out, or you will forget things, thus making a mess before the kitten is back to life.

How to care?

After bringing the orphaned kitty home, find a box, and fill it soft towels. Place the little one(s) in it. The most important thing is to keep them as warm as in their mother stomach. You can use a lamp or place the box close to the heater/fireplace if it’s too cold. Don’t forget to keep your dog away (if you have one). You can warm them with your body heat but be very gentle.

What to feed the kittens?

Fundamentally, the best kitten food is milk. I’m talking about the case in which they lose their mother, so you can either follow the homemade formula or just purchase a kitten milk replacer. I used Esbilac, which provides sufficient nutrition needed. You should note down these tips:

·      If the kittens are from 1-2 weeks. Feed them every 1-2 hours.

·      No cow’s milk because they cannot digest.

·      If they are at 3-4 weeks. Contain milk in a shallow dish plus some softened cat food, feed them 4-6 times a day.

·      If they are at 6-12 weeks, use less formula and give them dry baby cat food four times a day.

Now, some kittens would just ignore the bottle for no reason. I tried to feed two rescued kitties with a bottle; one just tried to push away. The alter method is to take a syringe; you can use a bit of force but still, keep gentle. Personally, the syringe feeding comes easier for me for the bottle can be too hard to squeeze.

How to get them potty?

Cat mothers lick the babies’ genital area to help them urinate and defecate. Imitating this behavior, you can use a piece of soft tissue or a wet washcloth, rub it gently on their genital’s region to stimulate until they finish toileting.

If the kittens are unable to urinate/defecate, then you need to get help from a veterinarian.

Get the vet to help you

To nurse newborn kittens is an uneasy task. In any emergency cases, you need more help, call a local vet, or carry the baby kitten to the nearest pet doctor. You can also request an animal shelter to get them assisted.

Give love nurse newborn kittens

In every attempt to get the newborn survived, you now can start handling them carefully. Teach your kids how to kindly hold the baby and never leave them with the fragile kitten without supervising.

When the kitten starts healing and gets healthier, you can carry it to a local animal shelter to get further help with finding it a new home. But you can think of adopting this little angel and give it a home, and all love in the world.    

Final words

Saving a life, even a small kitten, is an amazing work that no one should ever ignore. Seeing a newborn cat in trouble is in no desire of people but if you ever encounter a case, please don’t be blind. If you don’t know what to do, at least take the creature to the nearest vet. Believe it or not, the little help will turn out to be the most rewarding feeling ever.

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