How To Get A Kitten To Use Litter Box?

 There will be a time when you realize the importance of litter-box training and you wonder how to get a kitten to use a litter box. Read this post to know.

Cats are lovely animals. We find they cute in everything they do: sleeping, eating, lying, meowing, and so on. However, there are also many problems you may have to realize and find the solutions. You need to be their “mother”. They have the power to make you confused by a lot of questions, one of them is how to get a kitten to use a litter box.

This maybe your question. And all the information in this post will be under the form of answer for it, so check out.


Litter Box Overview

What Is A Litter Box?

A litter box is the most popular name of an indoor box used to collect the waste (feces and urine) from animals, especially cats. It contains cat litter, a special substance which can soak up those wastes to keep everything clean and good smell.

Pros Of Using The Litter Box For Kittens

Of course, using the litter box for all cats is recommended but teaching a kitten to use that box is even better. We will show you some advantages you can take from it.

A very young cat always learns to use a litter box more easily. It will be better if he has a cat mother, although without one is also fine.

A litter box can keep your house clean, avoid bad smell from your kitten’s urine and feces, and protect other objects from that waste (for instance, a kitten who has not been litter-box trained may leave their waste on your bed, sofa, or even the floor).

That’s why litter boxes are among those which is commonly used for collecting cats’ wastes.

How To Get A Kitten To Use Litter Box

So how to get a kitten to use a litter box? There are many ways we can follow to do it but in this post, we will tell you the easiest one.

Necessary supplies

You need some preparations before starting teaching your kitten to use litter boxes. Here they are.

Litter boxes. We suggest you purchasing more than one litter box to make the process easier. Your number of cats plus 1 is perfect. Why? You can’t imagine how fast your cat grows up and you don’t want to purchase a new one just because of the size of the recent one, right? Also, each of your cats should have his own litter box.

Cat litter. You should consider your budget before choosing any cat litter type. Eco-friendly cat litter with high-qualified material is always more expensive than the others.

Besides, you can buy some toys for the cat to boost your cat’s mood.

Considerable Factors


First, place the litter boxes in a bright and peaceful position. It should be less-traffic, quiet, and easy to access. A considerable choice is the laundry room, accessible enough but the washing machine would make some sudden noises which can frighten your cat.

Second, try to make your cat see the litter boxes as much as possible. They can be near their cat tree where your cat spends a lot of time with.


How you treat your cat

Even with humans, we need times to get used to something, so does your kitten. What we are doing here to teaching him to use litter boxes, not force him. Reward him whenever he does the right thing and avoids punishment if he fails.

Clean the litter and litter boxes

Cats, especially kittens, prefer clean areas. They even immediately keep away from their litter boxes if they are dirty. So, clean the litter every day, or at least on a regular basis.

In addition, the litter boxes need to be washed at least once a week. Make sure that the cleaning solution you use is non-hazardous to avoid unwanted health problems.

Objects in your house

You may be surprised that some objects in your house may become the target of your cats to leave their wastes in, such as the dirt in your household large plant pots.

Set up the time to feed your cats

A feeding schedule will give you a prediction on when your cat needs to use his litter box. For kittens, you need to make sure that it is ready to be used 20 minutes after the feeding time.

Step-by-step Instruction

Step 1: Purchase the right litter boxes and cat litter.

Step 2: Introduce the litter boxes to your kittens.

Step 3: ‘Take care of’ the box regularly.

Step 4: Apply a feeding schedule.

Small Tips

If you still find that process too difficult, we have some small tips for you.

Give the kitten food as a reward when he uses his litter box to encourage him.

Focus on what your kitten eats. The meal needs to be easily digestible.

Avoid using clumping cat litter as it may cause blockage in case your cat eats the litter.


Wrapping Up

In this post, we will tell you some information on how to get a kitten to use the litter box, what you should do and avoid. Cat is a sensitive animal, so you need to do everything as gently as possible, do not force or punish them if there are some accidents.

I hope that with this post about how to get a kitten to use a litter box, you may enter the world of him and understand more about his feelings, how to make him comfortable, and small tips on it.

Have a nice day and I hope that you will find this post useful.

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