How to Care Newborn Kitten

From time to time, it may be necessary to replace the mother cat for the care of the kitten. This can be caused by a number of different scenarios. First, a mother’s cat, for whatever reason, can die. It can leave many kittens without a mother. Sometimes a mother’s cat gives birth to a newborn for several different reasons. She may also be ill herself and unable to care for kittens. I could give birth to a lot of kittens or an abandoned kitten might get sick and a mother’s cat, also known as a queen, would not care. Or worse, someone left the kitten and let it die. Sad but it often is.
It is very important that newborn kittens are warm and dry. An icy kitten will die very quickly. Catching your kitten will have some heat. If you are careful you can use a low temperature heating pad or a heat lamp. Make sure the kitten has enough space to get away from the heat source, as it will also get excessive heat. An old towel cardboard box will work well. Don’t try to feed a cold kitten, it’s too dangerous. The temperature should be between 95 ° F and 99 ° F before trying to breastfeed a newborn baby. To avoid metabolic shock, kittens should not be below 94 ° F.
Take a few minutes to look at your kitten after it is warm and examine the various signs of the disease. Are the eyes clear and clever or do they have a pep or do they make a difference? Do the ears look good? Are you impressed with flea? Is the kitten active and dynamic? If the kitten does not look or work well, you may need a vet. If this is not your kitten and the only wandering dog you have found, and you do not want to accept responsibility, take a few minutes and call your local shelter. Someone will pick up the missing kittens and see if they have been cared for or removed from their troubles.
If this is not your baby and you want to take responsibility, good for you. Then you should hydrate the kitten. Some pediatricians, which are given to human babies and children, will hydrate the kitten and prevent it from trauma. Pet stores let you visit K.M.R. Will need. Or use cow milk or any other kind. With a dropper, syringe or bottle, you should feed the newborn kitten up to 12 meals a day. Like a human baby, a kitten will want to have dinner. The instructions in the box of KM Box will be very useful for feeding the kittens.
The newborn kittens will not be able to stool or remove their urine for about three weeks. They have to be mobilized from external sources. If she is there, the mother’s cat will take care of it, but if not, the caregiver will have to help. Very simple, with a warm cloth or cotton ball, rub gently and rub on the perineal area to stimulate urogenital reflexes after each feeding. Remember to clean the entire kitten too to promote and ensure cleanliness. After about three weeks, you can begin the process of moving your kitten from a plate to a solid diet. Use of KMR and canned milk or cinnamon mixture from canned or dried kittens will be a good way to start. Use not only cat food but kitty food. You may have to be a little creative to persuade your kitten to start eating. With the kitten in the food plate, you might dip a little bit on your finger and allow the kitten to eat it. As a kitten learns to eat, it can reduce the amount of K.M.R. Kittens usually eat four or five small meals daily. Try not to leave the canned kitten in the plate. The canned food will soon deteriorate. Cover the unused portions in the refrigerator and allow to be heated in the microwave for a few seconds before cooking. Verify that the food is not too hot.

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