Do you know why your cat won’t use the cat litter Box ?

Some people have mentioned that their kittens urinate outside the cat box, though he has used cat boxes before. How does a cat do it? There are certain reasons; And after you get rid of any physical problem by the veteran (kidneys, bladder, digestive problems, etc.), you can examine your cat’s habits to find the answer to the problem. This can be achieved by using the following as a guide while observing your cat’s behavior.

Cats and kittens do not particularly like modifications. In the event that you have had a home accessory, such as another cat or any other pet, your cat may not agree to that and start changing your habits, for example, by urinating outside the trash can. Especially when that new addition is another cat sharing that junk box that is not a cat’s favorite activity. It’s like you wouldn’t rather share dinner meals or toys with a brand new cat. You need to encourage your cat to share it by talking delicately and telling her what a good kitten is to share.

A new baby in the house is a cat’s most embarrassing change. Kitti was once a center of interest, and now she is banished every time people are with her baby. If this happens at your place of residence, do not chase the kitten, let him discover the baby and meet him. Cats are interested and may want to be near a baby. Unlike all myths, Kitti will never harm a baby unless he sees her as an enemy. Even a small baby will never kick a cat. The little one and the cat with their help could quickly learn to be close friends.

Have you modified your cat litter and cat litter? Domestic cats do not like any changes. After changing your litter, be sure to do so gradually. The previous litter should be the bottom layer and the new layer at the top. The kitten will parfit the previous litter and take a new waste bin. In case you changed your laundry detergent, it won’t make much difference if the boxes are very similar, but, in case you switched to a larger or automatic garbage can, use the new sand box for longer. A cat is more likely to use litter boxes for new cats if the sand stays the same. For this reason, do not change the sand until the cat becomes accustomed to the new frame. Keep an old garbage can nearby to give Kitti confidence.

Look closely at your cat and discover how she communicates with you using voice, facial movements, body gestures and more. Once you learn to talk to your cat, you will discover that she does not have to be very different from communicating with another human being. Keep in mind that an adult cat can teach her to understand if she is telling you she is like a two-year-old human baby.

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