Dehydration in cats – is your cat is having enough water?

What is dehydration in cats and what can you do about it if you cats don’t drink enough water?

Most of the new cat owners are unaware that cats can get desiccated . Just like humans, water is very necessary for cats to keep their bodily functions working properly which leads to the maintenance of their health. Usually, people have an understanding that cats drink milk only. However, it is not completely true, some cats do drink milk and some of them may not like it. But water is essential for all cats.

dehydration in cats

How can you tell that your pet is thirsty ?

Dehydration in cats show a few signs and symptoms which will tell you that  pets are dried out. You will observe dry mouth and loss of appetite first, if your kitty is dried up then you might observe other signs as well such as decrease in the skin elasticity which is not very normal in cats. You may also notice a lethargic behavior of  cat. If you observe all these signs then it is certain that your pet is dry  and is in a dire need of water.

One important thing that you need to know is that the cats will not prefer standing or still water. They are most likely to reject these kind availability. This doesn’t mean that your kitties are not thirsty, make sure that you provide them with fresh water. Most of the cats will intake fresh water easily which enable bodies to remain active and their metabolism will be normal.

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Dehydration in cats and how essential to keep your cat hydrated

The balance in the human body is created through water. Just like the human body, a cat’s body also maintains the balance between various chemicals, minerals and fluids.

Lack of water will disturb the normal functioning of the body and you will notice a change in the behavior of the cat.

Dryness not only impacts the cats physically but also bring a change in their behaviors.

How to make sure that your cat remains hydrated?

Like any other pets, cats have different preferences as well. Here are some tips that you will allow you to keep your loved little ones hydrated and active.

Install a cat water fountain

This will be the biggest help in keeping  cats watered enough. Cats love running water . The running water from the cat fountain or any other kind of natural set up at home will allow the cats to drink water easily.

Provide fresh water

If you are unable to install a cat water fountain then you needed to provide  fresh water. They will hopefully drink the fresh water.

Increase wet food

If you notice that your pet cats  not drinking water enough,then you can add water into its system by increasing the amount of wet food. This will ensure that kitties remains hydrated.

Choose the right bowl and location

Cats prefer shallow and wide bowls, so, instead of a deep bowl find a wide one so that the cat is comfortable enough to drink water. Also, make sure that you don’t put the bowl in a place which is in a corner.

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