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Cats are the most adorable animals of all. Not only they are cute, but also they are smart enough to take care of their hygiene as well. These days most of the people are having cats as their pets, and many of the others want to have them. But every cat lover wants a litter box that cleans itself, and they don’t need to do anything.

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Well, the good thing is that with the fast-evolving technology the manufacturers have found the way to help the cat owners by introducing the self-cleaning litter boxes. These are the litter boxes that don’t require scooping out of the litter; instead, it automatically cleans and collects everything in a tray or pouch that you can dispose of.

Manufacturers taking the lead

With the launching of these self-cleaning litter boxes, the things have become much more comfortable and effortless for the cat owners. It is entirely a half and half situation for both the owners and the cats as well. Therefore, many companies are offering new innovative designs for the self-cleaning litter boxes, but meanwhile, the Littermaid is coming up with the most amazing and comfortable designs for your cat. By this far, you may have got an idea that today we are going to discuss the littermaid self-cleaning litter box and their features.

The LitterMaid tries to manufacture the products that provide the users a helping hand in cleaning the litter box by doing the work by itself. Not only it is beneficial for the users, but also it provides the best comfort to your kitty and meets the requirements of the kitty of having a clean and hygienic litter box for every single use.

They work on cutting down your efforts too much extent so that a lot of your time and efforts get saved for some another task.

It provides your kitty with fresh and hygienic litter in every use. Also, the self-cleaning litter boxes eliminate the need for scooping or cleaning the litter every time. If you are also looking forward to purchase one of these kinds of litter boxes, then you are in the right place. Here you will find all the details about these products. So, stay tuned to know the top 3 products introduced by the littermaid under category littermaid self-cleaning litter box.

Top 3 littermaid self-cleaning litter box that you should consider buying for your cat

To trim down your efforts here, I have mentioned the purchasing link of the product below their descriptions. You can straightforwardly click on the link, and it will take you to the page of the product.

  1. LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

The particular littermaid self-cleaning litter box keeps the litter off your cat fresh for every use to make your cat feel comfortable in urinating. Here the job of scooping the litter is itself done by the mechanical apparatus present in the litter box. Here are some other amazing features of the product below:


–    No scooping required for seven days

–    Clean the litter after every use eliminating the task of scooping every single time

–    Hustle free assembly


–    Comes with paw cleaning ramps that clean the tiny little paws of your kitty to prevent the sticking of any waste particle

–    No daily maintenance required

–    Four carbon filters which check the scattering of the litter and the bad odor of ammonia to spread anywhere in the room

–    Consist of rake that cleans the litter itself


–    The product is a little bit on the pricier side

–    The rake is a mechanical part in the machine that might stop working which will cost you some more extra bucks to spend on

  1. LitterMaid Ultimate Accessories Kit for Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box (LMEKT9000MB)

The littermaid self-cleaning litter box is all you need for your cat. It is packed up with a lot of facilities for your kitties such as a covered tent, an area carpet and much more. The privacy tent completely covers the litter box so that your cat can feel comfortable while doing its private work.

Here are some of the features of the LitterMaid Ultimate Accessories Kit for Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box:


–    Provides your cat an extra privacy

–    Area carpet to clean your cat paws


–    Consists of rakes to clean the cat poops

–    Comes with complete accessories

–    Easy to assemble


-The accessories of the product are not that durable

-It doesn’t bundle up with some models by littermaid itself

From here you can check the other details of the litter box and also reviews of others who have already purchased the things.

These are two littermaid self-cleaning litter box systems that you can use for your cat but here’s one more thing for you which will even cut down your efforts to zero. Want to know? If yes, then below one wonder disposal system that you can attach to almost any model of the littermaid and that will do the job of collecting the waste as well.

Now you don’t need to fret about anything assemble all the things, and you are free from the hustle of cleaning or scooping out the litter box daily.


3.  High-Capacity litter disposal system for Littermaid (Compatible with LM980 and all Elite models)

The model is specially designed by the manufacturers to reduce the mess and odors ultimately. It contains a plastic bag underneath its apparatus which collects all the waste once it has been used the plastic bag can be sealed and disposed of. The system is entirely free from the worries of maintenance of the litter box. Let’s have a glance at some of its remarkable features that makes this littermaid self-cleaning litter box worth purchasing.


–    Cleans the waste itself and also collects in a poly bag, hence eliminating the requirement of any waste receptacles

–    No any chance of overflowing

–    will last for a considerable number of weeks

–    Can be attached with any model of the littermaid self-cleaning litter box.


–    Maintenance free

–    lasts for weeks

–    Eradicate the need of scooping out the litter.


–    The plastic bag that is used in the process is non-biodegradable and is not landfill safe.


These are some of the products by LitterMaid that makes your work extremely less, and you can sit back and relax by using a littermaid self-cleaning litter box that you find best for your cat.

Now, that we have collected enough amount of details regarding the products let’s discuss why the littermaid self-cleaning litter box are necessary and how they are beneficial to you and your kitty.


Benefits of using the littermaid self-cleaning litter box

If you are thinking of purchasing a top-notch quality of LitterMaid self-cleaning litter box for your tiny friend, then here are some of the benefits that you will get. It will help you in understanding whether you want to purchase the benefits or not.

  • Eliminates the need for scooping anything from the litter box

One of the best things you are going to experience is that you can spend happy time with your cat without even scooping out the litter box for weeks and still be able to keep your kitty comfortable and hygienic.

The littermaid self-cleaning litter box eliminates the step of scooping from your routine for many weeks.

  • Prevents your cat from several harmful urinary infections

You may be thinking about how this is possible then let me explain you. When your kitty finds her litter box unhygienic and dirty they don’t use them; instead, they find some another litter box for their job to get done and that litter box can be anything in your house. However, some cats even don’t urinate just because of the dirty litter box, which causes urinary infections. Therefore, it is good to encourage the habit of using the litter box in your cat.

 Things that you need to consider before purchasing a self-cleaning litter box

  • Whether your kitty finds the open litter boxes suitable or the closed ones
  • Make sure that the litter box does not make any noise while cleaning itself. It is because sometimes the sound can panic the cats and they will not use the litter box anymore. So, if you own a cat that can be easily frightening than make sure to check this point.
  • Last but the most crucial factor to be considered before buying the one is cost, as these boxes are little on the expensive sides as compared to the standard ones.

However, considering the entire above factor a littermaid self-cleaning litter box will still be the best in providing your cat a hygienic litter box to use every time. An excellent self-cleaning litter box can cut down a considerable amount of effort and time from your daily schedule; the only thing matter is that it should suit your adorable kitty to use.


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