Best Pine Pellet Cat Litter 2020

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Best pine pellet cat litter

Cat owners love natural cat products as well as cat litters that are made from eco-friendly materials. According to research, the cat litters that are made from different renewable resources like pine are more trendy and safe for both cats as well as the environment they live in. The best cat litter is the one that prefers by the cats and gives you more worth. Are you tired of seeing the cat litter that tracked all around your home? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Every year, many cat owners spend thousands of dollars on purchasing cat litter. As we know that traditional clay litter is made from natural materials that are not flushable and eco-friendly.

Feline Pine Scoop
Bags: 2
Weight: 8 and 14 pounds
Dust free: 100%
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Okocat natural wood pine
Bags: 1
Weight: 18 Pounds
Dust: 100% free
Check price
Simply Pine
Bags: 1
Weight: 20 pounds
Dust: 100 % free
Check price
Feline Pine original
Bags: 1
Weight: 20 Pounds
Dust: 100% free
Check the price
Nature's Logic 100%
Bags: 1
Weight: 24 pounds
Dust: 100 % free
Check the price


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This article offers the best cat litter formulas that are made from natural pine materials. The formula of pine cat litter is non-clumping that consists of the largest granules and fine sawdust flakes.

Now we discuss the best pine pellet cat litter reviews. I hope you will enjoy it a lot.

  •   Feline Pine Scoop Clumping cat litter

The Feline pine clumping litter is well-designed to be the natural alternative to the traditional clay kitty litters. The product is made from 100% pine and has clumping agents that reduce dust. The clay and chemical-free litter use the best quality pine fibers that absorb liquid. It locks ammonia odor away from the home. The clay-free formula means that there will be no messy cloudy of soil and dust. The product comes with an improved super formula that absorbs liquid faster than any original feline pine. The manufacturer uses no harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes, and an additive in the production phase.


  • Made from 100% all-natural pine materials
  • It is biodegradable as well as sustainable
  • Clay-free with no additional dyes or fragrance
  • Quickly soaked up the liquid to control odors.
  • Easy to scoop
  • Light-weight design
  • comes in both 8 and 14 pounds bag


  • The clumping is not so hard like clay litter
  • Litter maybe stick with the bottom side of the litter box

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Bags + weight : 8 and 14 pounds

Dust-free: 100%


  • Okocat natural wood pine cat litter

The biodegradable cat litter is the best and high-quality choice that is 100% healthy for both cat and environment. Pine is a well-known material that is powerful controlling ammonia odor. The Okocat kitty litter helps the user to absorb 500% of its own weight in the moisture. The lumping formula offers by this product help to clean the litter box easily and gives less smell.

The small granules in cat litter will soft and give a low-dusty environment. The cat litter is safe for the cat’s environment. The packaging of the litter is biodegradable. The cat litter is delightful in texture and smell.


  • Pine is well for controlling odor control
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Fine granules are soft on the cat’s paw.
  • Easy to clean
  • Less smelly
  • Great for cats as well as humans with the sensitive noses
  • Better clumping and absorption property
  • No additional chemicals and toxins


  • Not perfect for mechanical litter cat boxes


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Bags: 18 pounds

Dust-free: 100%

The cracked pine and non-clumping litter are made from a natural-fresh northern pipe that contains no additives and chemicals. The cat litter becomes softer on the cat paws than the full pellets. It is found  safe for family, home and cats. The cat litter is 3.5-times absorbent than clay litter. Due to better absorbency, the litter helps in eliminating odor od litter box quickly. It suppresses the odor naturally without any addition of perfumes or artificial fragrances.

It is the best litter for your cat because of pine that absorbs water very well. You need to change the litter box every 2 to 4 days and use 2-cups fills for one box. If your cat suffers from any allergic disease, then this litter helps your cat. You will never find any litter around your house.


  • 3-times more permeable than clay
  • No added chemicals
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable
  • Low dusty litter
  • Non-clumping and sustainable’
  • Offer better odor control formula
  • No-tracking and easy to clean


  • No good-quality odor control
  • Makes cleaning little bit confusing


Bags: 20 pounds

Dust-free: 100%

Feline Pine original kitty litter

If you are impressed with the Feline brand, then this is another best pine litter that comes with larger granules. It locks both ammonia odors and liquid.

The Feline pine original formula offers low-dusty features. But it comes with large granules that are heavy to track and big also. Once these granules get wet, it will difficult to break down them.

The granules of cat litter can easily stick to all sides and bottom of the box. It may also track outside the box.

The natural feline pine cat litter scent helps to control odor and act as a good absorbent.

This product mainly available, in 7, 20 and 40-pound bags.


  • Comes with a natural pine scent
  • Helps to control odors
  • Manufactured from natural materials
  • With no additives and fragrance
  • Perfectly absorbent
  • Soaks-up liquid more quickly


  • Granules may fall on becoming wet.
  • It can be a little bit messy to clean-up
  • Does not clump



Bags: 20 pounds

Dust-free: 100%

  Nature’s logic 100% pine cat litter

If you are looking for the best pine litter for your cat, then Nature’s logic pine cat litter is best. It is made from 100% Ponderosa pine and is free from any toxic chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. Due to these impressive features, the product is safe for a cat as well as the environment they are living in. The litter is 100% biodegradable as well as budget-free.

The cat litter can keep the litter box fresh smelly and clean. The cat litter is a great option for those cats having longer hair. It is so because the litter would never stick with the furs of these cats. You can use the litter form other small animals like ferrets and guinea pigs. The litter is 100% safe for cats with any height and age.


  • The litter box is 100% eco-friendly
  • This product is made from 100% all-natural pine material
  • Featured with large pellets that are perfect for long-haired cats
  • Multi utility, as  can also be used for other animals
  • Perfectly clean with budgeted-friendly feature


  • It is not a good choice for sifting and mechanical litter boxes.



Bags: 24 pounds

Dust-free: 100%

Check out these points which enable you make a right decision

All pine cat litter is manufactured differently. You should properly make sure that you read these characteristics carefully before your final purchase.

  1. a) Scent

Many natural pellet litters for a cat are unscented but they offer you a better job to control ammonia odors. But some formulas offer extra-scent. This extra scent formula may not perfect for your cat. So, you and your cat need to purchase that needed by you.

  1. b) Price:

Price is another factor that should keep in mind while purchasing the best pine litter for your cat. Pine pellet cat litters are usually an expensive model that offers a better level of cleanliness. It also helps you in reducing ammonia odors from the cat home.

3) Eco-friendliness

If you wish to have a beautiful earth environment, then it is recommended to purchase the biodegradable pine cat litter. All of the above-mentioned products are 100% eco-friendly. When the litter is well-formulated from 100% pine quality, then it will be obvious eco-friendly and biodegradable. Clay litter usually ends up in the landfills and takes more time. While on the other hand, natural pine cat litter again becomes part of this beautiful earth.

5) Fine Vs. pellets grain

Fine granules litter will become soft n cat’s paws and work well for the mechanical litter box. On the other hand, the larger pellet cat litters will absorb the moisture well. It works best for the cats having long hair. The pellets would not get snarled in the cat’s fur.

5) Flushable

If you are looking to dispose of cat litter through the toilet, then you should purchase the pine litter that can easily be flushable. It is very important to read the instructions and packaging to ensure that ca litter is safe or flush or not.


  •   FAQ (Best pine pellet cat litter)

Question 1) Can you flush the pine cat litter?

Ans: If you purchase 100% natural pine and fine-grain litter, then it can be flushable. Large size pellets never are flushed. If pine litter also contains other ingredients then flushing it will not be safe. So, we recommended you to check both labels and packaging of litter that your purchase for clear disposal instructions.

Question 2) Is the pine litter perfect for cats?

Ans: Pine litter is perfect for your cat. It is a much better option for your cats having severe injuries and allergies than any traditional clay litters. The litter is low-dust and natural. If the cat ingested it accidentally then pine would never cause any harm. But it is recommended to search any veterinary attention when litter is ingested in the largest amount.

Question 3) Is pine litter liked by every cat?

No, not all cats are a lover of pine litter. It comes with a natural, strong and distinctive scent. It also offers different texture than any traditional litters. We recommended yo transition your cats from any normal litter to pine. Cats may face some problems with this change. So, it is important to move from one litter to another slowly. Many cats don’t prefer this litter, so search the one that comfortably worked for your cat.

Question 4) How does the pine cat litter eliminate odors?

Ans: Pine cat litters use the perfect power of odor-fighting that is made from 100% natural pine. The natural pine offers you the best and amazing natural odor control without any added fragrances.

Question 5) How to do a transition to use pine litter?

To transition your kitty to use the pine litter box, you need the following phases:

  1. a) Fill the clean box with 3/4 pine cat litter. Pour 1-2 inches of old litter brand on the top side. Never mix it. The cat will do it on its own.
  2. b) Allow the cat to use mixed cat litter until the time comes when you change the box.
  3. c) The cat should be acclimated to pine litter after first-time use. Many cats take more time. So, never give up and become aggressive.

Question 6) Can the pine cat litter can absorb well or not?

Tree fiber uses a natural capillary system that absorbs moisture and water. It can easily absorb the liquid much faster.

Question 7) How much pine cat litter cost?

Most of the natural cat litters are expensive than any traditional clay litters. Pine cat litter is not so much expensive but depends on the formula that you choose. The original formula may cost under 0.50 dollars per pound. It comes with a wide range of different sizes of bags. The clumping litter only costs more than $1.00 per pound. It makes the product a little bit expensive than clay litters. It is still affordable for your cat.

Question 8) What else should you know about the litter box?

  • Many cats prefer more privacy so you need to be covered cat box for them.
  • Keep the litter box is a quiet garage or the area where fewer people are all around
  • If your cat acts strange around their cat litter and box, then give your time to familiar with it.
  • In the case of a urinary tract infection, you should consult with a qualified and professional veterinarian.
  • Verdict

Finding the best cat litter for your cat can sometimes tricky and depends on how finicky the cat is. We think that pine litter for cats makes the great cat litter alternatives.Lower dust features enable this to function better than traditional ones.

The pine cat litter offers a 90% rate of recommendation from the users with the best star rating. The clamping formula makes the product more effective. Keep reading the above review about pine cat litter along with negative and positive customer reviews for each.

It can be perfect news for those cats that are suffered from respiratory issues. If you or anyone you know looking for the best litter option, then the above products stand as the best pine cat litter.


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