Best hypoallergenic food for adult cats

It would be a misery if your kitty caught allergies. The irritation of itchy skin and an upset stomach will take away all enjoyments in daily, causing your kitty cat to suffer and become morose.

Allergies in cats leave rash skin and lots of infection under the hair. Not only that, cats that are prone to food allergies will experience bloating, a weak immune system, vomiting, diarrhea, and many other signs.

This nuisance vastly comes from food with allergic elements that only careful notice can wear off from the first place. But if you can rule out the symptoms, there are remedies for such pains.

A veterinarian is the best source of help in this case, but why don’t you catch the head of the disease from the beginning, which lies pretty much in the food picking for your felines?

That said, let’s learn what is allergy in cats and what is the best hypoallergenic food for adult cats you can buy in 2019.

What is hypoallergenic pet food?

A hypoallergenic diet for cats consists of proper nutrition and essential elements designed in a formula for felines with food allergic diagnosis.

Symptoms are showing a cat is allergic to his current diet and in need of immediate change such as:

·      Vomiting

·      Consistent scratching

·      Diarrhea

·      Abnormally shedding

The idea of hypoallergenic cat food is to eliminate ingredients of histamines and other allergenic food proven to manifest allergies in cats.

Common foods that provoke allergies in whiskers take account of wheat, soy, corn, dairy products, and, sometimes, proteins from beef and chicken.

A hypoallergenic diet removes those ingredients while substituting other sources of likewise nutrients to guarantee balanced meals. It is also known as limited ingredient cat food.

It is possible for cat parents to cook homemade hypoallergenic food for kittens, but choices of brands are available to save a lot of time in the kitchen.

So, let’s see what the market has to offer.

The best hypoallergenic food for cats – 2019 a cat parent’s review

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food

best hypoallergenic food for cats

Major features:

·      Single-source protein: only duck and green peas are used to limit carbohydrate reducing food allergies

·      Sold with 100% confidence: each bag has to go through 9 strict tests to guarantee premium meals to your cat’s bowl

·      No use of artificial contents: there is no presence of fake flavors, colors, or preservatives in the pack

First of all, Natural Balance is a reputable brand that has been around for many years in the pet food industry. There should not be any doubt on their products unless they don’t fit your cat’s taste.

But for allergic cats, this bag is a savior. It contains no grain while using duck as the first ingredient. Another source of healthy protein comes from green peas which ensure your meow fellow energy to function and be a boss at all time.

The simple formula is said to minimize the chances of food sensitivities meanwhile guaranteeing a complete and balanced diet for adult cats.


·      Use of high-quality duck

·      Is suitable for all breeds

·      No use of grain

·      Rich in quality protein


·      A few ingredients sourced from China

·      Kibbles are too big for small cats

Hill’s Science Diet for Cat

hypoallergenic food for cats

Major features:

·      From science with love: pet lab workers in Hill’s Science know what is best for poor sensitive cats incorporating with love for those fluffy balls; they only bring in the best hypoallergenic food your cats can crave

·      Natural ingredients: global ingredients have to go through acid tests before coming to the pack. Only qualified foods are chosen

·      Come with great taste: cats love chicken, and they will love Hill’s Science recipe too

If science is your leading trust to cast away food allergies in your cats, Hill’s Science brings about the most optimal food bag. It carries way many benefits to ensure your kitties’ meals are off sensitivities.

The food is made in the USA from the dedicated work of animal scientists. The product has always been in the recommendation of veterinarians for cats with allergies.

It contains a premium source of prebiotic fiber to activate beneficial stomach bacteria supporting your cat’s microbiome. You will notice your whiskers poo out less stinky and more solid stool thanks to the highly digestible nutrients.

Vitamin E and Omega-6 fatty acids are also to nourish skin health. With chicken as the first ingredient in the recipe, the food will be a favorable dinner your cats can’t resist.


·      Rich in prebiotic fiber

·      Full of natural nutrients

·      Is the number choice of veterinarians

·      Made in the USA


·      Higher price than other brands

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free


Major features:

·      No use of by-product meals: only deboned chicken, chicken meals, and fish meals are used to eliminate allergens

·      Zero artificial content: you will find no partial of synthetic elements in the food.

·      High in protein: with 40% of protein and 18% of fat, the food ensures optimal energy supply and health

The recipe from Blue Wilderness contains no allergens such as corn, wheat, and soy. It also stays away from artificial preservatives and flavors.

BLUE uses a wise blend of sweet potato and real meat combining with an exact amount of vitamin and minerals in their Lifesource Bits formula, making the food easy to digest.

Inspired by the diet of Lynx, this food bag has a close-to-wild taste that all cats love. While many food brands make use grain for carbohydrate food, BLUE substitute green peas, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.


·      Ingredients from natural sources

·      Corn, soy, wheat at zero rate

·      Recipe based on the diet for Lynx

·      Free from gluten


·      Become doughy if left uncovered due to the no use of preservatives

BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet


Major features:

·      A recipe with real whitefish: this single-source protein make use of delicious whitefish meat for easy digestion

·      Basic formula: the food focuses on giving the most suitable meal rich in fiber and free of beef, chicken, and allergenic contents.

·      LifeSource Bits: the exclusive recipe crafted by professional veterinarians supports immune system health as well as life stage requirements.

With technology and endless love for the felines, BLUE offers another choice of limited ingredient food for your allergic kitten.

BLUE strictly remove allergens from the formula to minimize any incident of cats catching the sickness. There is no grain in the food and sensitive elements to trigger the irritation.

The famous LifeSource Bits brings in omega fatty acid combining with a precise rate of protein from whitefish promise the best meal for health on the overall.


·      No poultry or chicken

·      Easy to digest carbohydrate

·      Single-source protein

·      For cats of all ages


·      Contains by-products

Royal CANIN Feline Selected Protein Adult


Major features:

  • Selected protein: sourced from pea and venison known as king and queens in non-allergenic elements
  • Number one in the vet’s recommendation: created and suggested by the vet. The food is on the list of prescriptions for severe sick cats
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Royal Canin rarely fails its customers. The food pack comes with a 100% guarantee from the brand

The brand strictly collects the highest quality protein, and carbohydrate sources form venison and pea. It also has added omega-3 fatty acids for the health of skin and hair.

Royal Canin also increases the antioxidants to boost the cat’s immune system plus EPA and DHA support the good health of the stomach and brain.


·      Boosted recipe focus on the health

·      No use of seafood and poultry meat

·      High in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals


·      Not recommended as daily meals

What to know when buying hypoallergenic dry food for cats

Protein source

Certain types of protein are the leading cause of allergies in cats. That is why you should consider what is in the bag before adding it to cart.

Some cats are sensitive to seafood. If your cat is in this group, it’s best to avoid omega-3 from seafood source and fish oil in the ingredient.

Hydrolyzed protein got broken down into amino acids is more comfortable to digest, thus making it a prone choice if your cat suffers digestive tracts. But be careful if your kitty is allergic to a specific food, normal protein is a better choice.

Ingredients to avoid

Each cat is an individual with a distinctive health condition. One food can be hypoallergenic for this cat but not the others. Additionally, there is no such food that is entirely allergic free for cats. So, there are common allergenic elements you should always avoid:

  • Grains from corn, wheat, soy
  • Dairy like milk, eggs
  • Seafood
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial additives like colors and flavors
  • By-product meats

Editor’s Choice

It’s almost impossible to choose the best hypoallergenic food for cats since there are quality brands available. Selecting the best among them is arduous work.

But after all, there is one brand that qualifies it all to be the winner of them all. It is the food bag from Hill’s Science. As we consider allergies are serious to any creature, it is best to rely on a brand from high-end technology and expertise. Hill’s Science diet for allergic cats is not only helpful in reducing sensitivity symptoms but also delicious to cat’s taste. For those reasons, it deserves to be one of the best deal for real.

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Final lines

Is your little furry fellow suffering any food sensitivity? We believe our picks will suit the need to wear out whatever bad your precious meow fellow is experiencing. We know you love your cat, so do we. So, if you have any question about hypoallergenic food for cats, please leave a comment. We’ll be here to answer. Thanks for reading.

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