Cats deserve the best treatment, including nutritious meals. However, cats of different ages and weights don’t share the same diet.
Have you just adopted a kitten but don’t know what to feed it yet? If so, read my top 5 of the best food for junior cats that most pet owners trust to use. You will be happy seeing your feline friend grow up well each day.

Best Food for Junior Cats: Top Five Products in the Market 2020

Royal Canin Cat Food
Texture : Dry
First Ingredient : Chicken
Preservatives and artificial colors : NO
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Wellness Complete Health Natural Cat Food
Texture : Wet
First Ingredient : Chicken
Preservatives and artificial colors : NO
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Instinct Cat Food
Texture : Wet
First Ingredient : Chicken
Preservatives and artificial colors : NO
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Purina ONE
Texture : Dry
First Ingredient : Chicken
Preservatives and artificial colors : NO
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Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food
Texture : Dry
First Ingredient : Chicken
Preservatives and artificial colors : NO
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1. Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Dry Cat Food

rayal canina

If you have become tired of choosing the right food, this Royal Canin Feline Health recipe will make everything change. The Royal Canin brand is doing so well in the cat food industry with a high-quality product line up and unique formulas for each phase of feline life.

Product Features

The food boasts a unique blend of nutrients devoted to enhancing the digestive health of junior cats. While antioxidants and prebiotics are available to support natural defenses, proteins, minerals, and vitamins are introduced in a balanced content to promote bone and muscular growth.
Kibbles are designed into cute shapes with a just enough size, a pleasing aroma, appealing flavors, and texture that no cats up to 12 months old can resist the food’s attraction.
• Brown rice is rich in various minerals and fiber, facilitating the digestion process.
• Fat plays a vital role in every cat diet, so chicken fat, fish oil, and vegetable oil are available to provide high-quality omega-6 fatty acids.
• Unknown meat ingredients, artificial preservatives, and colors are absent from the final formula so you can be confident about the safety of the product.
• The food contains a remarkably unnecessary content of plant-based protein since it lacks essential amino acids for our furry friend.

2. Wellness Complete Health Wet Canned Cat Food

Summer is coming, and it’s pivotal to provide enough water for your young kitty; otherwise, he will run a high risk of dehydration. One way is to feed him on wet food. The Wellness Natural Pet Food can do that job for you.
It devotes to 5 criteria of feline well-being: digestive health, skin & coat, energy, immunity, and eyes, teeth & gums. The feline food is no exception. Specially designed for juvenile cats, this pate recipe won’t let you down.
Product Features
As the best food for junior cats, it creates a luscious pate from mixing chicken meat, liver, broth with fresh fruits and vegetables, encouraging higher intake. It features an outstanding amount of moisture and an equal portion of fats and proteins.
The formula leaves out grains so that there is no need to worry about upsetting the pet’s stomach. Also, low content of magnesium helps promote the optimal immune and urinary system growth while your kitten’s eyesight and cardiovascular apparatus can benefit from the inclusion of taurine.
• Compared to other products, this manufacturer increases the levels of protein and fat to promote the growth of bones, organs, and strong muscles.
• It provides a complete diet with chicken providing high-quality protein, cranberries supporting urinary health, flaxseed promoting healthy skin and coat as well as carrots supplying abundant antioxidants.
• Essential vitamins and minerals are derived from whole fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, and blueberries.
• There are no meat by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives on the package, ensuring the pet can access the finest ingredients.
• Some customers report their pets to experience diarrhea upon consuming the Wellness complete health canned cat food. You’d better introduce small amounts of the food to see whether it’s compatible with the stomach of your little friend.
• Sometimes there are hard bone fragments in the cans, so watch out for pets getting choked.

3. Instinct Canned Cat Food by Nature’s Variety

If your junior cat is allergic to the Wellness Natural Pet Food, Instinct offers a great alternative with this grain free real chicken recipe. Believing that young felines prefer diets familiar to what their ancestors eat in the wild, Nature’s Variety pays excellent attention to producing kitty food that resembles their original meals.
Cats dislike changes, so we hope the product of Instinct will be the final destination to your furry companion.
Product Features
The canned food provides the most delicate animal proteins from salmon, chicken, beef liver, and eggs. All the ingredients are carefully and strictly chosen, particularly real cage-free chicken as the number 1 ingredient. Such a perfect blend of meat, poultry, and fish is crucial to the optimal feline growth.
To enhance the appetite of junior cats, Nature’s Variety is happy to introduce a nice loaf texture. No matter how picky your pet is, he can’t no way resist the appeal of this diet.
• The formula is grain-free with no addition of potato, corn, grain, wheat, soy, and carrageenan. Some cats are highly susceptible to these ingredients, which are a constant source of allergic reactions.
• Tailored for growing kittens, natural DHA is abundant to promote eye and brain development.
• The food features a variety of vitamins and supplements from fresh vegetables and fruits, including cranberries, tomato, blueberries, pumpkin, broccoli, and parsley.
• The product of Instinct is a little bit drier with more solid ingredients than other canned food so some cats will turn up their nose up at it.

4. Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Dry Food

When it comes to dry cat food, Purina ONE has made a name for itself in the pet industry. Are you ready to give your junior friend a taste to his liking and a nutrient-filled diet for which he craves? Don’t waste your time shopping for another product since this is a must-have item in your cupboard.
Seeing your lovely companion savoring every nutritious bite isn’t an impossible thing now.
Product Features
Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula Premium Dry Cat Food boasts a perfect mixture of fats, proteins, and micronutrients, making it the most energy-dense recipe in the list.
Compared to adult cats, young kittens require a much higher nutrient value to grow strong and healthy. Purina ONE excellently satisfies that need with its dry formula. One cup of the Healthy Kitten Formula contains up to 46 grams of lean proteins extracted from real chicken, providing well-balanced nutrition for juvenile felines.
• All the ingredients are fresh and high-quality with an assurance of no fillers.
• The texture is somewhat crunchy, facilitating tooth cleaning and prevention of tartar and plaque buildup.
• Fish meal offers EPA and DHA in right levels to promote finer and smoother fur as well as normal brain function.
• Chicken by-product meal is available, but Purina only adds the safest internal chicken organs to the final product for protein enhancement.
• The price is a little bit higher than the average junior cat food products.

5. Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food by Hill’s Science Diet

Needless to look any further since this is the best food for junior cats. The Indoor Kitten Dry Cat Food has everything that you truly need for the young kitten.
It precisely follows the same clinical trademark recipe of Hill’s Science Diet, promising to supply the most balanced nutrition for young cats. It’s time to diversify the mealtime with roasted chicken flavor.
Product Features
The formulation focuses significantly on the DHA content sourced from fresh fish to promote nervous system development. Though lower than rivalries, the protein content is digestible so your feline friend will be fine enjoying the tasty meal.
All the ingredients are of totally natural origin that is worth your trust. The brand says no to artificial flavors, fillers, and preservatives.
• Kibbles are small and flavorful to suit tiny mouths.
• Fibers are included to enhance the digestive health and allow for easy clean-up of the litter box. Taking care of cats is no longer arduous and painful.
• Your furry friend’s bones and teeth can get the most out of minerals available in balanced levels.
• The pellets are too small to bite through, unfavored by cats love feeling the crunch.
Best food for junior cats: Buyer’s guide
During the feline lifespan, young cats demand a special diet to support rapid growth and development. Given the vast number of food products on the market, to opt out the right product isn’t a piece of cake. Let’s get started with a complete guide when shopping for kitten food.
Protein Content
As obligate carnivores, cats need abundant animal protein to survive and grow. Plant-based foods don’t do them good.
Go for those products listing meat as the first ingredients on the package, such as lamb, beef, chicken, turkey, or seafood instead of merely poultry or fish. The latter is too general to know what kind of poultry or fish is available in the food.
Make sure there is at least 20% fat and 30% protein in the food so that your feline friend can have enough calories for a day.
Give food with too many grains a miss because it’s hard on the cats’ stomach.
A Complete Diet
Unlike adult cats, kittens need a complete balanced diet during their first stage of development. Based on special formulas, their food needs to feature a high level of calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, and iron to promote bone and tooth growth. Pay attention to recipes rich in DHA, taurine, and amino acids, which are important in developing their eyes, heart, brain, digestive and immune system.
Vitamin supplements like vitamin C and E are essential in greater numbers to support the immune system.
Pay attention to common allergens including carbohydrate fillers namely wheat, gluten, and soy. Several pet food companies add more carbohydrate sources to reduce the production cost, resulting in low quality and poorly nutritious meals for cats. The higher the content of carbohydrate is, the more likely cats lose their appetite.
Expiration date
Before making a purchase, don’t forget to check the expiration date. Avoid buying the food that is already over two years old.
If unopened, most dry food for kittens is edible for a year while the wet one lasts one year longer.
Prestigious brand
Manufacturers in the cat food industry specially design formula for junior cats. However, go for a brand name that you can rest assured your little friend is enjoying high-quality ingredients.
For a generic kitten food, researching the ingredients is much more difficult.
What food is best for kittens?
Wet food for kittens
Compared to dry type, canned food has a stronger smell and softer texture. Convenient for single-serve pouches and trays, it can offer easy-to-serve and fresh meals each time of serving.
Your little friend will enjoy taking in an increased amount of water.
Dry food for kittens
Dry food is easy to measure and use so you can give an exact portion to the pet. Once opened, it also lasts for a long time than wet food.
With dry food, your kitten needs to chew more actively, thereby removing plaque from the teeth to keep them healthy. Kibbles are designed to be small enough for small mouths’ consumption.
Final Judge
Reviews about the best kitten food are diverse so it’s up to your feline friend to choose what he eats. Begin with a small portion to watch his reaction. If he’s fine, continue with the whole pack.
It’s no good sticking to highly-rated products in cat forums that aren’t compatible with the health condition of your kitten.
Before You Leave
Finding the best food for junior cats isn’t so difficult as long as you remember which criteria to look for. Give them good food and they will stay with us for a long time.
Should any problem arise, don’t hesitate to comment below.